MZ Trading and Projects (PTY) LTD as the holding company owns the Mamelodibiz Business Directory. On this platform, you can advertise your business affordably and effectively on desktop and our mobile friendly Internet platform.

Whether you have businesses across Mamelodi or a business in only one area that you wish to advertise, you need look no further than this unique online marketing platform where we will help to promote your business.

Internet advertising on local directories 

Our clients have a range of options when it comes to advertising on the Mamelodibiz Business Directory. These options range from large scale advertising campaigns, with advertisements on every directory for entire Tshwane, to smaller advertising campaigns for companies that only need to advertise on select area directories.

We have a range of different types of pages on which your advertisement can appear. To help you understand what we are talking about, here are the two different types of pages explained:

Directory front pages

These are the landing pages you see when you open our area directories. These pages contain interesting facts on the area concerned, such as the history of the area and things to do in the area.

As far as advertisements are concerned, these pages offer billboard advertisements on the top of the page and 12 front page banner advertisements. What makes these advertisements unique is the limitation on the number of advertisers per directory front page – a maximum of 4 billboards and 12 front page advertisements are sold per area, promising unrivalled visibility to your customers.

Directory category pages

Directory category pages are the pages you find when you browse the area by hovering your cursor over the browsing icon on the very top of the directory and clicking on a specific category, for example “Restaurants”.

On the directory category pages you will again find billboard advertisements on the top of the pages. Beneath the billboard advertisements you will find a range of full colour advertisements as well as an A to Z listing of business relating to the category.

Now that you know what pages the directories comprise, we can explain the different advertising packages we have to offer.

The advertising options include the following:

A directory front page billboard advertisement package that includes a category advertisement.

What does this package include?

With this package you will receive a billboard advertisement on a directory front page, ensuring maximum exposure for your advertisement. You will also receive a category advertisement with this package. This means you will have an advertisement under the specific category your business falls under.

Where will my advertisement appear on the directory?

Your billboard advertisement will appear on the top of the front page of the chosen area directory. and shares this space with a maximum of three other advertisers, with the billboard advertisements rotating.

Your category advertisement will appear in the category most suited to your business. This means that if a customer clicks on the specific category your business falls under, your advertisement will appear.

Category page billboard advertisement package that includes a category advertisement.

What does this package include?

With this package will give you a front page banner advertisement, ensuring better exposure for your business. A front page banner advertisement is a rectangular advertisement that appears beneath the billboard advertisement on an area directory front page and can be clicked on, leading customers to your category advertisement.

Category advertisement

If you buy only a category advertisement, your advertisement will appear only on the directory category page your business falls under. All category advertisements feature:

  • Logo
  • Telephone number
  • Business description
  • Trading hours
  • Link to your website
  • Link to your social media profiles
  • Email from the advertisement
  • Location map of your business

Frequently Asked questions

Why should I advertise?

First and foremost, advertising creates awareness of your brand, business and the services that you offer. Aside from making potential customers aware of your business or brand, advertising may also make customers aware of a need for your goods or services they never knew they had. Advertisements will not only create this awareness, but also provide a solution to these new found needs that the customer now has, which leads to business with paying customers.

Advertising will also help you retain your existing customers. It does this by reminding your customers that your business is still in the game. It is therefore essential that you maintain a strong presence in the public eye through regular advertising.

Think of advertising as an investment in your business. It will help you keep existing clients, while also attracting new clients.

What happens if I don’t advertise?

If you don’t advertise your business you may well be shooting yourself in the foot. Remember, just because you aren’t advertising, does not mean your competition is not advertising. If they are advertising their business and you aren’t, they are a step ahead of you, gaining more business and making more money!

If you don’t advertise, your business will not gain the exposure that it needs to be successful and customers simply will not be as aware of you as they should be. You will not only lose potential customers, you will also lose existing ones.

Is my advertisement full colour?

Yes, all advertisements are full colour and include images, such as your company logo. If you do not have a logo, we will add an image that relates to your business.

Does my category advertisement contain text?

Yes, our digital copywriter will write the text for your advertisement, which will be integrated into the advertisement.

What else will my advertisement include?

If you have social media profiles and/or a website, we will place the links to these pages on your advertisement. We also include the location of your business on your advertisement, using Google Maps as well as an enquiry form encouraging potential customers to reach you by email.

Other than those additions, we also include your business address, trading hours and business telephone number.

How do I pay for my advertisement?

Payment for our advertisements is collected by a payment authorization signed with us and collected on our behalf by Sage Pay, with whom we hold an outstanding record as a customer. Our contracts are subject to a minimum period of three months and require 30 days’ notice of termination.

Is there an initiation fee?

No, there is not.

Do you provide feedback?

No, we don’t. Our obligation is to provide you with the advertising space as per your contract with us.

How do I cancel my advertising?

Upon conclusion of the initial 3-month period of your contract, you may effect cancellation by providing us with notice thereof in writing. Notice may be given by email. A 30-day notice of cancellation applies.

Why are there no design or initiation fees?

These costs are recovered during the first 3 months of your contract with us, and accordingly the minimum period of 3 months applies to our advertising contracts.

Can I try it for a month to see if it works?

No, our advertising is subject to an minimum contract period of 3 months.

Can I pay by EFT monthly?

No, our advertising costs are affordable as we do not employ costly administration staff, but rely on systems to manage our costs.

Can I pay by EFT in advance?

Yes, you may. This applies only in respect of front page and category billboard advertising and payment is required upfront for the 3-month minimum contract period. All other forms of advertising are subject to payment authorization.